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Company: ZUMMO, INNOVACIONES MECANICAS, S.A. - Moncada (Valencia), SPAIN
Product Information: TradeName(s): Zummo Innovaciones Mecánicas S.A.U.

Automatic Orange Squeezer, Model No. Z14C.

Commercial Juice Extractor, Model No. Z22C.

Citrus Juicer. Model Nos. Z may be followed by M or X; may be followed by G, D, T or S; followed by 40; followed by C;may be followed by PA; followed by -N or -C; followed by -LM, -OR, -GF, -LF, -PG, -TG or -LD.C may be followed by G, D, T, S, M or V; may be followed by C; followed by 40; followed by C;may be followed by PA; followed by -N or -C, followed by 67, 80 or 94; followed by 70; followed by -LM, -OR, -GF, -LF, -PG, -TG or -LD . Model Nos. Z05C, Z06C, Z06C-N, ZI06C-N, ZM06C-N, CP06C-N, C06C-N61, CC06C-N61, C06C-N67, CC06C-N67, C06C-N80, CC06C-N80, Z06C-C, ZI06C-C, ZM06C-C, CP06C-C, C06C-C61, CC06C-C61, C06C-C67, CC06C-C67, C06C-C80, CC06C-C80.

Orange Juicer, Model Nos. Z25C- followed by BR, BL, GR or SM.
Evaluated to the following:A representative sample of the listed devices have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Motor Operated Commercial Food Preparing Machines (UL-763) and are identified with the ETL Listed Mark.
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