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Company: HATCO CORPORATION - Milwaukee, WI USA
Product Information: Chocolate Warmer, Model Nos. KSW-1515, KSW-2515, KSW-3515.

Crepe Maker, Model Nos. KCME-1RND620, KCME-1RCT620, KCME-2RCT2620.

Contact Grills, Model Nos. MCG10G 240, MCG14G 240, MCG10G 120, MCG14G 120, MCG20G 240. Model Nos. MCG10G 120V 520P, MCG14G 120V 520P, MCG10S520P, MCG14S520P, MCG10GS520P, MCG14GS520P. Model Nos MCG14S615P, MCG20S620P, MCG14GS615P, MCG20GS620P.Model Nos MCG14S615P, MCG20S620P, MCG14GS615P, MCG20GS620P, MCG10G 240, MCG14G 240, MCG20G 240.

Electric griddle. Model No. KGRDE-2513620.

Electric Waffle Makers, Model Nos. KWM09-1BR35620, KWM09-1BR46620, KWM09-1LG47620, KWM09-1BR35515, KWM09-1BR46515, KWM09-1LG47515, KWM09-1RO7515, KWM18-1BR35620, KWM18-1BR46620, KWM18-1LG47620 KWM18-1BU620, KWM18-4SK413620, KWM18-1BR35515, KWM18-1BR46515 KWM18-1LG47515, KWM18-1RO7515, KWM18-1BU515, KWM18-4SK413515, KWM18-2BR35620, KWM18-2BR46620 KWM18-2LG47620, KWM18-32CH620, KWM18-16CH515, KWMSL-4BR46620, KWMSL-2LG413620, KWMSC-1BR46515, KWMSC-1LG47515, KWMSC-1RO7515, WM09-1GP1515, KWM09-1GP1620, KWM18-MBR43515, KWM18-MBR43620.
Evaluated to the following:A representative sample of the listed devices have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Commercial Cooking Appliance (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 109) and are identified with the cETL Listed Mark.
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