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Product Information: Trade Name(s): CORE PRO, MVP/'SIERRA, IKON, ROCKET, Baikai, WINCO / Spectrum, VOLLRATH, Yekalon, GREENLAND, Pantin, Alpha, FASTKITCH, Newtop, Moffat, SEAGATE, Bison, BAKEY, KFE, Core pro, KFE, Backychu, Topcater, Goldcater, Bakey, Baikai, Fastkitch, Greenland, Kingbetter,
Escoffier, Patriot, Sierra, Ikon, Alpha, Bison, Seagate, Rocket, Atlas, Winco/Spectrum, New top, Frigopro cooking, Fokai, Furnotel, Pantin, Yekalon, Turbo range, Serv-ware, Crown Verity, Starkcook, Ideal, Direct supply, Quantum leap.

Electric Convection Oven, Model Nos. CP-COE-208, KF-COE-208, BC-COE-208, TC-COE-208, GC-COE-208, BY-COE-208, BK-COE-208, FK-COE-
208, GL-COE-208, KB-COE-208, EC-COE-208, PT-COE 208, SRCO-E 208, IECO 208, AL-COE-208, BR-COE-208, SG-COE-208, RCCOE-208, AT-COE-208, NG-COE-208, SML-COE-208, FR-COE-208, FA-COE-208, FM-COE-208, TP-COE-208, YE-COE-208, TR-COE-208, SB-COE-208, CV-COE-208, SK-COE-208, IDCO-E-208, DS-COE-208, QL-COE-208. CP-COE-240, KF-COE-240, BC-COE-240, TC-COE-240, GC-COE-240, BY-COE-240, BK-COE-240, FK-COE-240, GL-COE-240, KB-COE-240, EC-COE-240, PT-COE 240, SRCO-E 240, IECO 240, AL-COE-240, BR-COE-240, SG-COE-240, RCCOE-240, AT-COE-240, NG-COE-240, SML-COE-240, FR-COE-240, FA-COE-240, FM-COE-240, TP-COE-240, YE-COE-240, TR-COE-240, SB-COE-240, CV-COE-
240, SK-COE-240, IDCO-E-240, DS-COE-240, QL-COE-240.

Electric Griddle, Model Nos. CP-12GE-T, CP-12GE-TH, CP-24GE-T, CP-24GE-TH, CP-36GE-T, CP-36GE-TH, CP-48GE-T, CP48GE-TH. SREG-12, SREG-12H, SREG-24, SREG-24H, SREG-36, SREG-36H, SREG-48, SREG-48H. IEG-12, IEG-12H, IEG-24, IEG-24H, IEG-36, IEG-36H, IEG-48, IEG-48H. RCEG12, RCEG12-H, RCEG24, RCEG24-H, RCEG36, RCEG36-H, RCEG48, RCEG48-H. BK-EG12, BK-EG12-H, BK-EG24, BK-EG24-H, BK-EG36, BK-EG36-H, BK-EG48, BK-EG48-H. NG-EG12, NG-EG12-H, NG-EG24, NG-EG24-H, NG-EG36, NG-EG36-H, NG-EG48, NG-EG48-H. VR-EG12, VR-EG12-H, VR-EG24, VR-EG24-H, VR-EG36, VR-EG36-H, VR-EG48, VR-EG48-H. YE-EG12, YE-EG12-H, YE-EG24, YE-EG24-H, YE-EG36, YE-EG36-H, YE-EG48, YE-EG48-H. GL-EG12, GL-EG12-H, GL-EG24, GL-EG24-H, GL-EG36, GL-EG36-H, GL-EG48, GL-EG48-H. TP-EG12, TP-EG12-H, TP-EG24, TP-EG24-H, TP-EG36, TP-EG36-H, TP-EG48, TP-EG48-H. AEG12, AEG12-H, AEG24, AEG24-H, AEG36, AEG36-H, AEG48, AEG48-H. FH-EG12, FH-EG12-H, FH-EG24, FH-EG24-H, FH-EG36, FH-EG36-H, FH-EG48, FH-EG48-H. SML-EG12, SML-EG12-H, SML-EG24, SML-EG24-H, SML-EG36, SML-EG36-H, SML-EG48, SML-EG48H. MF-EG12, MF-EG12-H, MF-EG24, MF-EG24-H, MF-EG36, MF-EG36-H, MF-EG48, MF-EG48-H. SG-EG12, SG-EG12-H, SG-EG24, SG-EG24-H, SG-EG36, SG-EG36-H, SG-EG48, SG-EG48-H. BR-EG12, BR-EG12-H, BR-EG24, BR-EG24-H, BR-EG36, BR-EG36-H, BR-EG48, BR-EG48-H. BA-EG12, BA-EG12-H, BA-EG24, BA-EG24-H, BA-EG36, BA-EG36-H, BA-EG48, BA-EG48-H. KF-EG12, KF-EG12-H, KF-EG24, KF-EG24-H, KF-EG36, KF-EG36-H, KF-EG48, KF-EG48-H.
Evaluated to the following:A representative sample of the listed devices have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Commercial Cooking Appliance (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 109) and are identified with the cETL Listed Mark.
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