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Company: CAST LIGHTING LLC - Hawthorne, NJ USA
Product Information: Landscape Lighting Systems, Bronze Deck Light Series, Model No. CDL1CB.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Bullet Light Series, Model Nos. CBL1CB, CBAL1CB, CCTL1C, CBL5CB, CBL2CB.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Deck Lite Series, Model No. CDL2CB.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Craftsman Series, Model Nos. CCSL10536S, CCSL18336S, CCW270S, CCSL10536B, CCSL18336B, CCSL18354B, CCW270B, CCPL1S, CCPL1B, CCDL1S, CCDL1B, CCSL18354S, CCPL2S, CCPL2B, CCGL270WB, CCGL25036B, CCGL18336B

Landscape LED Luminaire, Deck Lights, Model Nos. CDL1LED1, CDL1LED1A.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Directional Lights, Model Nos. CWL6LED1, CWL7LED1, CWL8LED1, CWL9LED1, CWL9LED1EX, CIWL6, CIWL7, CIWL8, CIWL9, CID140, CIDA140, CIWL9EX, CIT164, CID248.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Engineered Wall Lights, Model Nos. CEWL5LED1, CEWL6LED1.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Path/Area Lights, Model Nos. CCH5LED1, CSA1LED2, CSWLED2A, CALED2, CALED2A, CSWLED2.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Perimeter Lights, Model Nos. CPWP1, CPL1, CPL12X, CPL13X, CPL14X, CPLHL1, CPLHL2.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Small Mushroom Series, Model Nos. CMU1CB, CMU13CB.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Small Niche Series, Model No. CNL1CB.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Step Lite/Brick Lite, Model No. CSL1CB.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Tree Lights:, Model No. CTLED141.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Pathway Lighting Series, Model Nos. CMU2CB (Large Mushroom), CCH1CB (Small China Hat), CCH2CB (Large China Hat), CNO1CB (New Orleans), CNO13CB (New Orleans Floor Mount), CCH13CB (Small China Hat Floor Mount), CSA1CB (Savannah), CCH5CB (Mini China Hat), CWL7CB, CWL8CB, CWL9CB.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Wall Light Series, Model Nos. CEWL5CB, CEWL6CB.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Wall Wash Lights, Model Nos. CWW1LED2, CIT164, CIT265.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Wall Wash Light Series, Model No. CWW1CB.

Landscape LED Luminaire, Wash Lights, Model Nos. CWL6LED1, CWL7LED1, CWL8LED1, CWL9LED1, CWL9LED1EX, CIWL6, CIWL7, CIWL8, CIWL9, CID140, CIDA140, CIWL9EX. Also tested to UL 8750.

Landscape Lighting Systems, Well Light (in-ground recessed) Series, Model Nos. CWLR1CB, CWLG1CB, CWLWFLLEAD, CWLWFL, CWLNOLAMP, CWLWFLLEAD20W, CWLMR16, CWLMR16G.
Evaluated to the following:A representative sample of the listed devices have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems (UL-1838) and are identified with the ETL Listed Mark.
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